Artist Statement

I am an artist working in sculpture and installation with a particular interest in public and outdoor art. I value accessible, approachable and engaging designs and aim to create circumstances for interaction and play.
I engage in site specific storytelling or interventions with a space. An approach of storytelling invites viewers to learn more about where they are. However the spacial interventions focus not only on the location, but on the viewers and their physical presence as well. I am interested in the way art is approached by audiences and the synergy between a viewer and an artwork. With an aim to cultivate interaction between the members of the audience during their experience of the work, I try to sway the attention away from the raw art object to the spectators themselves and question our assumed roles in these circumstances.
The artwork is playful in its aesthetics, colourful, often includes lights and may have interactive or participatory elements. It is considerate of the viewers presence an physical location, movement through space and the surroundings. The artwork takes into account the viewers perspectives and sometimes guides them through the space of installation. It is set up in a way that allows multiple viewpoints and various experiences depending on the way it is approached.