Alternative Path

A public art installation of light sculptures on the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground.

The exhibition consists of a group of light sculptures that transform the space in response to it’s use by rush hour crowd.

The site specific assembly approaches the subject of art and public interaction. The “Alternative Path” directs a course through the space that is framed by minimalistic light sculptures arranged in parallel to the flow of rush hour crowd. One can experience walk in a space of floating light boxes and participate by activating light benches. It is open throughout the day, with the most striking effect from the lights after the sunset.

Every day the site is used as a shortcut by people commuting on foot to and from work. Sculptures, arranged in a parallel to the diagonal movement over The Parade Ground, create an alternative route to take within the same space. The arrangement pattern is referencing park walkways, where path is guided, therefore each sculpture type symbolises a tree or a seat, or a bush.

This piece continues in the series of previous work that explores various aspects of spectatorship in art context. The large sculptural objects that often incorporate responsive elements and use lights as a symbol of someones presence create circumstances for interaction. The approachable light work questions the act of spectatorship and explores the potential of an accidental interaction within a public space.

The “Alternative Path” is created as part of “This is This” graduate award and commission with support from Acava Studios and Be Smart About Art.