Guerilla performance

Guerilla performance in public space acted in front of main entrances of five schools in Riga, Latvia in December 2016.

An experimental sculptural protest performance in response to amendments to the Education Law in Latvia known as “Virtue Law”. The change allowed parents to intervene and ban teaching material. At the time of the performance these five schools had recorded cases of materials being banned based on parents personal bias.

The sculptural element references the countries history of mass censorship and isolation whilst part of the USSR. Anta chose the first edition of George Orwells 1984 that was published in Latvia during perestroika in 1990. The publication of this and other banned books represented the crumbling of the iron curtain and escape from intellectual incarceration. She used the visual layout of 44 lines on the first page and created an enlarged page from geotextiles with the text blacked out. This then was connected together so that the structure can enclose a person.