The Net

A light installations exploring repetitive patterns in contemporary housing.

The Net grid pattern

After spending a couple of years in London, Anta started exploring the themes of contemporary city and its relationship to industrial history. Looking for various repetitive patterns in urban areas and using them as a basis for prints, light boxes, sculptures and installations she explores how mass production is intertwined with the fabric of the city and our lives on a level that goes beyond consumer products.

The Net full installation

“The Net” uses architectural line patterns from London housing, looking at council estates in particular. It explores the repetitive nature of affordable housing, where an estate can be compromised from several identical buildings or even clone estates exist in different parts of the city. The artist explores this form of repetition in relation to mass production and the pluses and minuses of these aspects. A certain consideration is taken to the colours used in council estates that will often be light shades of blue or green that are supposed to be calming colours, therefore implying expected violent activity in certain areas of the city.
The name of the piece is significant as well. Looking at council estates in particular they are supposed to work as a safety net for the community, to provide help. However sometimes the way they are set up can create a trapping environment, it’s own macrocosm and can seem isolated from the rest of the city.

The net loose grid
The Net loose side view